building Mesa for Win32

building Mesa for Win32

Post by lig » Mon, 18 Nov 2002 05:09:35

Can anybody provide some hints about how to use Visual C++ to build Mesa?

1. MESA 3.5 - Win32

The latest Mesa 3.5 is said to be 100% OpenGL 1.2 compliant :)
However, I have been unable to find Win32 binaries or web sites
about Mesa under Windows... :( only has links to source and Linux binaries,
and I fear compiling it for Win32 may not be an easy task
(especially if you don't have a C compiler, like me).

So this NG is my last hope on the matter:

A) Anyone as any experience about Mesa (recent versions) on Windows?

B) Is there a place were Win32 Mesa binaries could be found, and/or
   Mesa-Win32 details/discussion can be found?

(I'm interested in pure-software Mesa version 3.5,
 not in the 3dfx implementation)

Thanks for your time.

Eric Grange

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