Lost list of computers in SBS console

Lost list of computers in SBS console

Post by Alessandro Smal » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi to everybody.
I was creating the installations disk for a laptop (WIn98). At the end of
the floppy creatino process, the list of computers disappeard.
I have to say I took a shortcut: after having created the disk, I did not
use it stight away, and for curiosity I logged on onto the laptop (it was
already configured as a Client for MS networks, TCP/IP , log onto  domain
etc). The system let me in, the logon script worked. But then I noticed that
on the server the list of PCs disappeared.

I checked the support.micorosft.com site and there's a KB article
gn&FR=0) which talks about the problem, ut whose solution didn't work: they
were sugesting to put the NIC  at the top of the list in the bindings
section. In by SBS server they are already on top, so I don't know what else
to do...

Suggestions super-welcome


Alex - London


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