SBS Performance Problem

SBS Performance Problem

Post by Robin Bal » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

We have SBS 4.5 running on a PIII 500 with 256Mb ram Intel server board etc

8 clients on Win 95 or Win 98 from  P233MMX  to Celeron 433 64Mb ram,  all
with switched 100Mb full duplex connections.

Workstation performance is usually snappy.

Workstations quite often appear to freeze,  in explorer, access, or

In the server performance monitor we have switched on all tracks and most
stay lowish under almost all circumstances.  The '%priviledged time' track
often hits 100% and may stay there for a many seconds at a time,  for
example when a user opens the accounts package or an access database.

We run Sage (UKs largest accountancy software house) Line 100 accounts and
have to make the following changes in order for file locking to work

    On the server we have the following registry key (DWord value)


    On workstations we have to set

Apparantly these are Microsofts recommendations.

Does anyone have any idea if these settings will hit server performance, if
not any other ideas as to what to look to for our 'treacle' incidents.


Robin Ball


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I have a Windows 2000 Small Business Server.  It is
running on a PIII/866, 1 GB RAM, and a 72GB RAID.

It has been running fine up until about three days ago.

- everything is working (clients can login, backup, AV,
all that), but working on the server slower than it should
- almost continuous disk access
- the BADMAIL folder has literally thousands of small
files in there
- I am getting these three warnings in the Health monitor
"Cache Faults per second>100"
"Page Faults per second >200"
"Page Reads per second >5"
"Page Input per second >5"

In the Task Manager, the only things using considerable
memory are STORE.EXE and INETINFO.EXE using 128MB and 80
MB respectively.

I have checked with my ISP, and we are not being relayed.
I have done a full virus scan, nothing found.

Any help appreciated.



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