SBS2000 Reinstallation ? Exchange database recovery..?

SBS2000 Reinstallation ? Exchange database recovery..?

Post by Stephan Gladiadi » Tue, 04 Sep 2001 18:03:44


Can the SBS2000 Installation .. exchange server information store etc be
recovered by  a full reinstall of W2K / SBS2000  ?

I have been having considerable trouble with getting NETLOGON to work after
some security patches and cannot get exchange services going..




1. Exchange-Server Database-Recovery

Hi All,

the harddiscs (two 4GB SCSI, Stripeset 2+6 GB) of our SBS-Server chrashed.
After the data recovery i will get from ontrack CDROMs with the
My question:
What's the best way to import the exchange-server-data (edb etc.) into a
new SBS-installation.

Thanks for every message...
Michael Fieg

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