W2K recovery console on SBS4.5

W2K recovery console on SBS4.5

Post by Gary Karasi » Sat, 01 Feb 2003 02:55:09

Sorry if I'm late to the party, but I've just read a tip that the W2K
recovery console can be loaded onto NT4. I'm guessing that this would also
work on SBS4.5. Anyone tried this?



1. Best Backup/Disaster Recovery Strategy for SBS4.5?

The idea of a product for SBS vs. a product for NT with BO is strictly a
matter of pricing in most cases.

The difference between backup products for SBS/BO vs. NT alone is related to
the ability of the backup software to make an online backup of the SQL and
Exchange databases (make a fully restorable copy of those databases without
taking those services offline at the time).

There are a number of products to do this, and in general the difference
would normally appear to be related to the quality of tech support.  A few
products offer more detailed and granular functions, like the Veritas BE
being able to restore an individual mailbox, not just the entire private

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