How I do to configure a common logon script using Small Back Office

How I do to configure a common logon script using Small Back Office

Post by Alessandro Capell » Thu, 14 Dec 2000 07:31:54

How I do to configure a common logon script using Small Back Office

I'm using Small Business Suite and It have a feature that create login
scripts for each user. When you setup to install some application for a user
in  console (like fax client, exchange client etc) Back office automatically
input at the user scrip some lines to run a silent setup.
Now I'd like to map some network drivers for everybody, and I won't lose
this feature to install remotely. Can I create a common file scrip then call
a user script?


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Hello folks,

I am using sms1.2 sp3/NT 4.0 sp3/SQL sp3
Replication is set up and running smoothly

I have 7 BDCs in the domain.   I only want 3 of those bdcs to act as sms
logon servers.  I go to the sms admin console and click on
properties--domains---properties and I manually add the bdcs of interest.

At this point, I look at the BDCs and the SMS shares are created as
expected.  The users of this domain have a default logon.bat.  To start
taking inventory, can I just put a call in their .bat file for smsls or do I
insert a call for runsms.bat?

I have implemented the automatically detect/insert script method and have
had success but in this is my first attempt at doing this manually.  Please


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