SBS Admin Console

SBS Admin Console

Post by Kenneth Sheppar » Fri, 07 Feb 2003 13:06:18

I have an task that I though one of you may know how to

SBS2000 comes with a pretty good console that has several
script-based wizards that are very helpful in adding new
users and such.  I know that those scripts are located
under the \Program Files\Microsoft BackOffice\Management
folder.  There is one specifically called
addusr.exe/adduser.vbs.  You can run addusr.exe directly
from that location and it brings up the standard template
for SBS 2000.

Is there anyway to use that same template on a normal
Windows 2000 server that includes Exchange 2000.  I tried
to copy the entire Microsoft BackOffice folder to another
server that is not an SBS server and when I attempt to
run the addusr.exe wizard, it indicates that I'm missing
some necessary files.  I'm certain that I copied all of
the files, too.

Any thoughts?

Thanks and sorry so long.


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I have more or less rebuilt the console following last week's crash.  But I
cannot get BackOffice Home to light up.  I have tried reinstalling the
console in its entirety and tried copying bohome.dll across from the SBS CD
but this makes no difference.  When I right-click 'Configure' it crashes
out.  I have followed Q294148 without success.

Has anyone successfully rebuilt their console manually?

Peter Riley

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