Modem Share doesn't find my fax/ modem now

Modem Share doesn't find my fax/ modem now

Post by Ed Canvasse » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Have used modem share successfully in the past, but now doesn't find the
fax/ modem at the server.  I've checked the status, the server says it's
"idle".  I've turned the fax/modem off and back on (it's a Zoom V.34X
"external"), but still nothing.  Also, tried on other machine on network and
still nothing.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Ed


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Hi there, I have spent most of the morning googling this one but decided to
ask as I didn't get anywhere!

We have an SBS 2000 box with one modem that we are currently using to
receive faxes using Fax Sharing.  Is there any way that the same modem can
be used to dial out using modem sharing?  At the moment whenever the fax
service is in receive mode it locks the port stopping us from dialling out.
I am kind of assuming that the only option will be another modem but I
wanted to ask in case there was some trick I could use.

If we do have to get another modem does anyone know what implications there
are to using a USB modem with the shared modem service?  I ask because the
server only has one COM port.


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