Offline Files not available

Offline Files not available

Post by SLehinge » Sat, 01 Jul 2006 02:18:02

Solved Desktop icons disappearing - profile issue - blew away profiles &

Offline files still don't work.

Client on SBS 2003 Server, using roaming profiles & folder redirect
for My Documents to their home drives.  The roaming laptop users can log
onto their laptops when not on the network and all file Synchronization and
profile works fine, UNTIL they connect to the internet via home LAN or
Wireless, or any wireless or LAN network other than their work network, like
a motel wireless, then they cannot access their offline files.

This was working fine until last week (possible MS Update caused maybe??).  
There were multiple critical updates last week.


1. Offline Files-Working Offline with XP SP1

I have a client with XP SP1 running against a SBS 2k server, fully patched.
Occasionally the user will receive a popup message:
"Offline Files - Working offline
You are no longer connected to 'sbs'. You can continue working normally."

We have already applied the "workaround" to the XP SP1 problem to the
server. We have not had the opportunity to reboot the server yet. Is a
requirement to reboot the server? I thought by changing the Group Policy and
rebooting the WS it would fix the issue.

John Bouley

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