INS file download problems

INS file download problems

Post by Michael Hamilto » Fri, 23 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I have the SBS service ready to go, only one problem.  I make a signup
disk(isp file, htm file and every thing else) and the registration works
fine.  The client (sbs server) then has to click on the finnish button to
download the .ins file by going to INSFile.asp, but the browser can only
download INSFile.asp, it does not create the ins file.  It works fine in IE
4.01, but I want it to work with the basic components that come with SBS
server software.  This way the client does not have to make any
modifications on his/her own.  Any ideas?


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I am running SBS4.0a on a Dell Server. I am experiencing two problems:

1. Occassionaly the Internet dialout does not work. It will work fine
for a couple of days and then nothing. There is no error in the event
viewer and a reboot fixes the problem.

2. I cannot download files from the Net. Browsing works fine, but if I
try to download it initially starts to work i.e brings up a dialog box
to name the download destination - and then it fails.

Thanks in advance for help with these issues.

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