Need to resolve local web server when connected to SBS remotely

Need to resolve local web server when connected to SBS remotely

Post by prem.. » Fri, 30 Jun 2006 03:48:53

Hi I am using a remote connection to Small Business Server, and doing
local web development.

I need to have certain domain names resolve to my local machine.
Usually I used the hosts file to do this when I was not connected
remotely.  Now that I connect remotely, my hosts file is completely

I've tried (in Firefox) changing the Connection Settings to ignore
proxy for certain domain names but that didn't do anything.  I've also
tried in IE to change the LAN Settings, but nothing seems to work.

I dont want to change to hosts file on the SBS machine because only I
need to different domain name resolution to point to my local machine,
other users should be able to continue on as normal....

There has to be a way to make this work?????? Please help :-)



1. DNS resolving to local server after site not found..

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good site or provide me with information
on setting a proper DNS resolution. I've got a Win2k Server box setup as DNS
server for my local network. Internet sharing is done through winroute in
the win2k box using a cable modem as the internet device. I've got two nics
setup and the internal and external is separated, etc. Unfortunately I made
my domain name the same name as my public DNS name. So, for some reason
whenever a page is not found I'm automatically directed to my local domain
name, which ends up to be the webpage on my server. I'd like to setup my DNS
so it forwards requests properly to the ISP's dns servers and if nothing is
found there, I should end up with a site not found and not my own website. I
know, I should have setup the domain as blahblahblah.local instead of which it is now. Any help would be appreciated.


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