The RDP protocol component "DATA ENCRYPTION" detected an error in

The RDP protocol component "DATA ENCRYPTION" detected an error in

Post by Klemet » Tue, 27 Jun 2006 04:08:02


I have a SBS 2003 with 5 users and everything is working fine until a couple
of days ago.

Now when a user tries to connect from home to his computer at work with RDP
and the sbs2003 vpn connection he gets the following error message: The RDP
protocol component "DATA ENCRYPTION" detected an error in the protocol stream
and has disconnected the client.

Sometimes it appears within one second and sometimes he can be connected for
several minutes, it seems like its often triggered by starting a program or
changing webpages etc.

I have tried to delete the SBS VPN (SBS connection manager) and reinstalled
it, same problem. I have also tested out the connection from a different
computer and and I got the same problem/error.

When I try RDP connection on the LAN everything is working fine.

I can use the VPN connection for exempel Outlook 2003 with exchange
connection, and even surf the companyweb without problem, so it seems to
affect just the RDP connection through the VPN tunnel.

When I set upp a different VPN connection (Netscreen client) and use RDP
everything is working fine again, no disconnect.

I cant find anything in the eventlogg that guides me in a direction, just
the above error messages.

I tried  MS KB323497 with no luck, all it did was disabling TS on the server
but I still got the encryption error when I connected to my work computer
from home.

Any suggestions ?

TIA Patrick


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