DHCP Manager doesn't show lease

DHCP Manager doesn't show lease

Post by Laurence Shar » Wed, 07 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have a small network running SBS.   IP addresses are allocated via

Most of the client machines run Windows 95, although 2 are running
Windows NT 4 Workstation.

Yesterday I had a problem as one of the Windows 95 machines, a laptop
which had not been attached to the network for quite a while, tried to
lease an IP address that was already allocated to one of the NT
Workstations.   Checking in DHCP Manager I found that the address in
question didn't show up, so clearly the DHCP server thought the address
was available.

The workstation hadn't been used for a few days so my assumptions were

        1) The lease had expired so the DHCP server returned it to the
        2) For some reason the DHCP server was not available when the NT
Workstation was booted, so the workstation used the address it had
previously had.

As a temporary fix I gave the Windows 95 machine a static IP address, so
it could be used.

This morning I switched on the NT Workstation and ran 'ipconfig
/release'.   I then booted the Win95 machine and set it back to getting
its IP address from the DHCP server.   On rebooting it leased the
address that had been in dispute.   I then went to the NT Workstation
and ran 'ipconfig /renew' and it leased a different address.

However, when I looked in DHCP manager, although the Win95 machine
showed up correctly, the NT Workstation did not appear, nor did its IP

At the moment this is not causing a problem, but it could well do if
another machine's lease expires and it tries to lease a new IP number.

Has anybody experienced this sort of problem?   Any advice?


Laurence Sharp


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