Need Start Up Business Money "Fast" Read "HOW"!!!!!!!!!

Need Start Up Business Money "Fast" Read "HOW"!!!!!!!!!

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Everybody's cautious in this uncertain economy.  If you're presenting a
new business plan, let's face it, savvy Investors are too aware.  They
know all you're writing is a vague synopsis of a corporation.  A simple
business plan doesn't provide any legal disclosure about the business,
and yourself..  So, if you don't submit a Regulation D Filing with the
Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC), along with your plan, then
you're not giving the Investors what they really want to see.  That
explains why if you're working with a business plan alone, you shouldn't
be surprised if it isn't selling quickly.

Why do Investors want Regulation D Filing?

Because it provides protection for the Investor, and today, that's a
requirement.  Investors want to see lawful disclosure registered with
the SEC before participating.

What is a Regulation D Filing (DPO)?

Everybody has heard of an IPO, of course. For a new business that needs
from only one to five million in capital to start, a DPO is the way to
make your business plan successful.  A DPO, is just like an IPO, without
public involvement.  It doesn't wind up on the Stock Exchange, so it
avoids all the red tape, time, and cost, but allows private investors
the same ability to purchase stock and convertible debentures from your
company to raise capital for initiation or expansion.  And a DPO does
that quickly and easily.

Getting a DPO from DPO Plans takes about a week, depending on your type
of business.  After we assist you in preparing the forms, the Regulation
D Filing takes about 45 days with the SEC.  Since it isn't listed on the
NYSE, the demands for disclosure are not quite as stringent or lengthy.
 It's a Direct Public Offering (DPO) for private investors.  A DPO
allows up to 35 investors to participate for as little as $50,000.

For those of you on a shoestring, you can also file a Regulation D
filing for yourself, and we'll show you how.  Ask about how.

How can I get a DPO for my business plan?

We can file a Regulation D Form for your existing business plan, or
write both for you.  Or, you can file a Regulation D with the SEC on
your own using a self-kit from DPO Plans, Inc. Then when it's finished,
you have the option of other services, such as marketing your plan, to
brokers, the public, or both.

Can anyone participate in a DPO?

No.  Only those new ventures looking for an investment between one and
five million dollars.  Investors in your plan must be qualified, as
well, in order to participate.

Once my business plan and DPO is filed with the SEC, do I have to sell
it on my own?

No.  We can help you do that, too, through our broker services at DPO
Financing, Inc..  Or, we can take it to the public through advertising
in a variety of mediums.

Will DPO Plans help me sell my plan?

DPO Plans, Inc. doesn't sell plans.  We write them so they will sell
very well.  DPO Financing, Inc. our sister company, assists you with
selling your plan, and finding the right kind of financing.

How fast can I get a business plan and Regulation D Filing?

That depends on how complicated of an idea or business you're selling.
A really great plan takes some time. The minimum is about two weeks for
the average business.  The most time would be about 60 to 90  days if
you need a lot of market research.

How much does a good business plan cost?

Cost depends on how much time is taken to write your plan.  Business
plans are typically priced in the market from $15,000 to $35,000.  We'll
give you a solid quote and stick with it.  If there are any changes,
such as if you decide to add or make changes, that's covered in the
contract we sign together before we begin.


Or simply call 1-800-216-2456 EXT 201 for more information.

If you have received this notice more than once, please accept our
apologies.  Our aim is only to inform interested parties in the services
available at DPO Plans, Inc.

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