Modem pool not avail on some workstations

Modem pool not avail on some workstations

Post by Paul Turle » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

On at least three workstations, I can't create a port to point to a shared
modem.  The setup is pretty simple on those station where it works...  Ports
/ Add / (select Shared Modem..) and a COM port to assign the shared modem
to...  but on some stations I don't see the dialog that offers the shared
modem option.

We're running NT WS 4.0 with SP3 & IE 4.0.  I've tried reinstalling NTWS,
SP3, & IE.

Another (probably unrelated) problem is that when I launch the DUN
connectoid from a shortcut on a working station, it fires two instances of
the DUN connection and, of course the second one fails because the modem is
in use.

Paul Turley

begin 666 Paul Turley.vcf

M;VT-"D5-04E,.U!2148[24Y415).150Z<&%U;'1 =61P+F-O;0T*4D56.C$Y



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