Fax server

Fax server

Post by Doug Christense » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

For some reson I cannot get the Microsoft Small Business Fax Server up and
going. I am pretty sure it is in my configuations because my modem works
and I can't get it to work on a different analog port. I have a ISDN
connection to the Internet and a separate analog port on that that my US
Robotics 33.6 (external) Fax modem is plugged into. If any one has any
suggestions I would appriciate them. This is my first time in a news group.

Josh Richardson
Phonex Corp


1. Microsoft Exchange Server , Fax Server & Modem Sharing Server

Hi there, everyone

I wish to set-up an Windows NT 4.0 application server that will only run the
following applications:
Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5;
Microsoft Fax Server; and
Microsoft Modem Sharing Server.
The last 2 applications mentioned above only appear to come with Microsoft
Small Business Server. Can these applications be purchased separately and
used with Exchange Server 5.5? If so, how do I go about separately
purchasing these applications - I have not seen them for sale individually?
If these 2 applications are not yet available separately, does anyone know
whether Microsoft will be releasing them individually, or not??

Thanks for the info.



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