Lost the SBS Console Page

Lost the SBS Console Page

Post by Bubba Ra » Thu, 01 Mar 2001 06:00:10


Thanks for the 'Q's  I got them both re-installed the consle and still page
not found.

Well in the troubleshooting, it said to test the IE for the localhost and I
was not getting alocal host. SOOO

I went to the MMC in NT checked the properties on the Default Web Site, and
I had I guess changed it one time to a hard IP address, well....

when I changed it to  IP Address: (All Unassigned)  WALA the console and
local host items worked.

Thanks for your time to stop and reply, and I hope if anyone reads this it
may give them additional clues.


> Try these:

> Q222531 Troubleshooting SBS Console Problems
> Q226331 Reinstalling the Small Business Server Console

> > I don't know when it happened, but when I click on the SBS (4.5)console
> item
> > I get a" page not found" error.

> > I resintalled but the only option I was given since everything is
> > installed is Option Pact and that did not help.

> > Hopefully I can avoid removing and re-installing all the components.

> > Any ideas?

> > Thanks beforehand

> > AJ Grasso


1. SBS4.5: lost console page - help!

Beautiful morning y'all! I am a linux sysadmin, and an enthusiastic NT
adventurer. a few hours into my new NT server, I completely lost my SBS 4.5
console. I was trying to set permissions for the IIS, using ISM. I added an
second IP address (in the Network Control Panel), but hadn't figured out how
to map it to a hostname (on the NT, as yet). I don't know which could have
messed up the system.
When I launch the SBS console, it reads: " The page cannot be displayed

The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be
experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser
settings. Cannot find server or DNS Error
Internet Explorer "

I run the primary DNS server, and have configured it correctly. The NT box
actually pings the correct address when I ask it to ping the corresponding

Any ideas on what I should try next. Is there anyway I could reset the
settings (permissions, that I could have messed around with?). If I should
uninstall-reinstall, please sugest how. I peeked at the uninstal
("Add/Remove"), but the subsequent dialogs do not accomodate it - strange.

Cheers & TIA,
Vic Matta

P.S. 'Must add: I am impressed with what SBS can do, IF you know what to do.

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