Small Business Server/ Exchange Server

Small Business Server/ Exchange Server

Post by Ramona Szate » Fri, 24 Jan 2003 01:47:54

I am running SBS and Exchange server.  We are doing
faxing through the network using it as a print driver.  
Windows98 and WindowsME machines when the fax comes
through it is compressed to about 1/2 the page.  On
WindowsXP and 2000 machines it works fine.  Any

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Dear Readers,

We are currently using MS Small Business Back Office
Server 4.5. We want to upgrade to MS Small Business Server
2000. But we don't know the benifits of MS Small Business
Server 2000 over Small Business Back Office Server 4.5.

Could any one please help us by leting us know.

Thank you.


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