Status Code 128

Status Code 128

Post by Chris » Fri, 10 Aug 2001 03:38:08

Has anyone ever heard of this error?  It also gives this
error:  nt system\authority.  System is running Windows
2000 and it continually reboots itself.  Have managed to
get it into safemode but it won't let me log in, even as
administrator.  Any Ideas?

1. SMS2 Advertisement Program Error with exit code 128

Hi all,

SMS2.0 SP1, SQL7

Just curious if anyone can shed some light on "program failures" with exit
code 128?

This error is occuring on approx. 10% of the clients who run any one of our
many advertisements.  That is to say, that this error is not isolated to a
single advertisement and/or client group.  In many of the cases simply
re-running the same advertisement (by deleting the "site0000s.000" package
file on the client) results in the package running without any errors.

Using "net helpmsg 128" we get;
"There are no child processes to wait for"


Jody Tomlinson

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