SBS Console lost link

SBS Console lost link

Post by MPP » Sat, 20 Oct 2001 16:25:32

I have lost my link to the SBS Console, where is the executable located?

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Thanks for the 'Q's  I got them both re-installed the consle and still page
not found.

Well in the troubleshooting, it said to test the IE for the localhost and I
was not getting alocal host. SOOO

I went to the MMC in NT checked the properties on the Default Web Site, and
I had I guess changed it one time to a hard IP address, well....

when I changed it to  IP Address: (All Unassigned)  WALA the console and
local host items worked.

Thanks for your time to stop and reply, and I hope if anyone reads this it
may give them additional clues.



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