Low memory errors on client after svr upg to SBS 2000 from SBS 4.5

Low memory errors on client after svr upg to SBS 2000 from SBS 4.5

Post by Jen » Thu, 23 Jan 2003 16:31:56

I need to know if anyone knows about any known issues with fixes/work
arounds for Windows 98 FE and SE clients that are displaying numerous
Low memory errors after upgrading server to SBS 2000.

We did NOT upgrade them to Outlook 2002, they are still on Outlook
2000.  We did have the Microsoft Firewall Client install on all the
client systems.

There are enough licenses for the systems on site and don't believe
this would be causing the problem.  We are seeing the same issue (low
memory errors) at another client site on an XP Home machine (don't ask
we didn't sell the OS to him) running Outlook 97 (again user choice
not mine).  At that site we did a fresh SBS2000 install.  Again
licenses are in order.

Any help would be appreciated.  Please email response to following
email account as well as posting here:

Jenn Tracy
Computer Consultant
PineTree Computers


1. Low Virtual Memory Errors in SBS 4.5

Greetings All!

Does anyone know of any unusual reasons for SBS 4.5 to get the 'Your system
is running low on virtual memory'? I have a client that is getting this.
They have SBS 4.5 on a Proliant 1600 with 3 9.1GB hard drives in a RAID 5
configuration. The swap file setting is approximately 150 MB. They have 256
MB of RAM in the server. There are no functional problems with any of the
SBS components other than the low virtual memory error. They get this about
once a week. They reboot the server and all is fine until the next time.
They only have 20 users on the server, they don't have any large databases.
They keep the server pretty well cleaned up so there's not a lot of junk
files causing any problems.

The client did say that it seems to happen when they try to send a fax to
someone and they get a busy signal. The client said that it seems to hang up
the fax server momentarily and then shortly after, the virtual memory error.
I have scoured Microsoft's support page for any references to low virtual
memory problems or similar fax server issues but cannot find anything
helpful or that I have not already tried.

Any insight into this will be appreciated.


Morgan Hunt

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