Embedding phone number for Fax Server

Embedding phone number for Fax Server

Post by sh » Thu, 09 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Many fax software packages have the ability to embed the phone number you
wish to fax to in the document being faxed, so there is no need to choose it
from the address book. Can the same thing be done for fax server?

I would like to embed the phone number in a Word document

I know there is a SendFax command in Word VBA for this purpose, but my info
is that it doesn't work well (crashes Exchange).

Any info?



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When I select a fax number from address book it puts a 1 in front of my fax
number and this keeps the fax from being sent.  If I enter the phone number
manually the fax sends OK.  Is there a setting somewhere that tells the fax
to dial as entered - this option is grayed out on the send fax screen on my
workstation.  The phone number in the contact list does not have a 1 in
front of the number so the fax software adds this by default I guess.

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