For any one upgrading to SBS 2000

For any one upgrading to SBS 2000

Post by Mariette Knap [MS SBS MVP » Tue, 03 Apr 2001 23:09:54

If you did not yet receive your SBS 2000 upgrade but want to read in depth
information about upgrading/migrating SBS 4.5 to SBS 2000



1. 2 SBS 2000 Servers (one DC, one MS) on one network


Is it possible to have 2 Small Business Servers in one network set up as the
following :

Server 1 :
Small Business Server 2000
Domain Controller
SQL 2000
Exchange server
And all the other standard features

Server 2:
Small Business Server 2000
Member Server to Server 1
Just needs SQL 2000

Basically we need a dedicated server to run a server application that uses
Windows Server and Microsoft SQL server. We've checked with the software
manufactorers and theres a big cost saving in licenses to install the app to
a Small Business Server with MS SQL server on it and then get Veritas Backup
Small Business Edition to back it all up.

If we depromote the 2nd server from a DC (after its all been setup) to a
member server can they happilly get along side by side? will the member
server still be able to run sql server no probs?

Thanks for any advice


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