Setting up Client Mailboxes w/Outlook

Setting up Client Mailboxes w/Outlook

Post by Jimmy Rusidof » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am trying to set up client mailboxes using Outlook and so far have not had
any success.  Our ISP lets us use our main account to log onto the Internet
(which all workstations can do just fine) and then use our personal
mailboxes to get onto the mail server.  When using modems in our respective
machines, it was no problem, but  now that we're on an SBS domain, I can't
make it happen.  We log on to the net using Proxy Server through a single
modem.  I have the accounts set up on the client machines by the book as far
as Outlook is concerned, but I always get a message saying "can't connect to
mail server" and I don't know why this is.  Someone he'p a boy out!!!
JimmyR  MCP

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I'm in a steep learning curve today. Got our new SBS server up and
installed. Been through the to do list and have a workstation for user 1 set
up with outlook and a mailbox. When I logon to workstation 2 to setup the a
user 2, It installs outlook 2000 sr1 as I requested, but when I launch
outlook it fails to start saying 'Unable to open your deault email folders.
You do not have permission to log on' ..

The server came with minimal installation documentation, so I'm searching
microsoft how-to's without success. In the exchange/active directory tree
there is a mailbox labeled 'user1' but no others. Are they created when the
user logs on first time?

Any help / direction / or step by step aid appreciated.


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