Modem Sharing

Modem Sharing

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Can anyone address the shortcomings of this feature in SBS?



1. Can Proxy share modems with Modem Sharing?

We have 2 USR external modems on our SBS.  The modem sharing pool
contains both modems.  We are also use Proxy Server to dial into our

Both work fine as long on the other is not using a modem.  In other
words, Modem sharing will use COM1 modem to dial out, and then the
second client that requests modem get COM2 and all works fine.

Proxy server automatically uses DUN entry and dial outs using COM1 when
a user requestes a internet page.

When proxy is connected using COM1, then if another user tries to use a
shared modem the request fails, because modem sharing appears to be
trying to use COM1.

How can we make modem sharing automatcially use COM2 if Proxy is using

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