Can't boot to SBS 2003 unless boot floppy is used.

Can't boot to SBS 2003 unless boot floppy is used.

Post by rudyjel.. » Tue, 25 Jul 2006 00:06:03

I have a SBS 2003 server.  Disk were/are dynamic disks using software
RAID 1(mirror).  One of the disk is bad (unreadable).  Dell sending new
disk.  Tried to boot with the other disk, no luck machine sat with
white cursor in the top left hand corner.  That lead me to believe that
the MBR was on the other disk.  So i removed the disk and attached it
to another machine (XP) to copy off the data.  Drive has three
partitions (C, D, E),  but when i attached it to the second machine
(XP) I had to break the mirror on each partition, and assign a new
drive letter to each partition (G, H, I).

Now I was able to successfully copy off all the pertinent data, but
really did not want to have to reinstall OS.

So I searched the net to see if I could restore or re-point MBR or
active partition for windows.  I made a boot disk and used fdisk.  Set
the correct partition.  Still not luck got error "Missing Operating

So I tried using the system Recovery tool.  It couldn't find the active
windows installation.  I have access to a 2nd SBS 2003 machine.  I
formatted a floppy and copied the boot.ini, NTDETECT.COM, and ntldr to
the floppy.

Rebooted to floppy, and was presented with the SBS logon screen.  Am
able to login and browse all three volumes on drive.  The volumes are
even set to (C,D,E).  But when i reboot with out the floppy, i go to a
blank black screen.  If i use the floppy i can logon and the system
appears to function correctly.  I tried using the System Recovery off
of the CD and it shows that the windows installation is G:\windows.

How do I get this back to C:\ or how what do I reconfigured to do away
with booting from the floppy?



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Having finally got this MESS to install.
After five attempts at getting SBS to install and finding many problems with
my head. All seems OK except that I can not get SBS/NT to boot from the hard
drive. If I use a boot floppy everything comes up fine. But try and boot
from the HD and all I can get is. ... 'Disk access error ....Restart Sytem.
This 'problem' starts right after setup converts the drive to NTFS.

Having been a DOS/WIN9x slave most of the time I'am a bit lost here.
Any NTFS guru out here?



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