How to access other PCs on the LAN

How to access other PCs on the LAN

Post by Trevor » Thu, 15 Aug 2002 22:22:07

>Hi All,

>I am using TS to access the server and I'm very happy with this. My
>colleagues always ask me to come and fix things in their PC. How can I do
>the same thing with those workstations like I used to do with TS.  I read
>about Remote Desktop Connection but I don't know what are the necessary
>steps to make it operational.

We use RemotelyAnywhere, which allows you to access a remote computer through
a browser (so you don't need any software on the computer you're accessing
from).  It also has buit-in security, something important to keep in mind when
dealing with any remote control software.

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1. home pc -->office pc --> lan

Hi ,

May be I doing something wrong or whatever. I don't know anymore.
At home I installed pc anywhere, as on my pc at the office. Office pc
is with win95 connected to a unix box running smb.
My intention was to connect the lan from my home pc. It is possible,
isn't it? I'm asking this because when i start a connection from home
to my office, pc anywhere gets stuck. Is something not working well
with pc anywhere, (difficult to check) or is it just not possible to
connect my unix machine through my office pc with lets say a telnet
If it's possible what is the right way to do so then? Make a remote
networking connect? Thanks for the help in advance.

Nick Franken

Nick Franken

Cistron Internet Services

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