Which Dell Poweredge?

Which Dell Poweredge?

Post by Joel Robinso » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Have installed a P2200 with no real problems and high uptime.  Next site
needs a box.

Ignoring the cost differential, are there any problems with Dell P-2300
machine?  Does it install SBS without jerking it?


Which Dell Poweredge?

Post by Bob Hoo » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Here's a small core dump on my Dell 2300 experiences:

1. Have had excellent results with these boxes - which are VERY well built.
If you really
want it to scream - get the 9.0 GB -10,000 rpm  Seagate Cheetah hard drives

2. Tech support has also been excellent. Trick is to get to the "Advanced
Server Technical Support Group" (1-800-967-1068)  They have several really
excellent technicians there, with one specializing in SBS - and sharing her
knowledge with all of the others.

3. I was told the following by a Dell rep  (this relates to
adding the driver for the new 7890 controller which is integrated on the
board with the new Dell 2300 server)

A> Before you start the SBS install, using the Dell Server Assistant CD,
make a floppy disk copy of the SCSI, video and NIC drivers.

B> During Install, at the first blue screen, hit F6, choose OTHER - then
take the second option, which is the 7890 controller. Get driver from the
floppy you created.  While there, also add the drivers for other SCSI cards
you may be using (2940/39xx and 2940UW).
C> As an alternative, download latest drivers from Adaptec site.

4. Finally, here's the last Dell 2300 issue I solved......
To fix a tape backup SCSI timeout problem,  I removed the Adaptec drivers
for the 7860 card only, which had been provided by Dell, then installed the
LATEST driver -from Adaptec web site
specifically                  aic78xx.sys     6/12/98

Hope this helps!

Hood Consulting Group, Chicago, IL

>Have installed a P2200 with no real problems and high uptime.  Next site
>needs a box.

>Ignoring the cost differential, are there any problems with Dell P-2300
>machine?  Does it install SBS without jerking it?


Which Dell Poweredge?

Post by Gerry Kee » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Dell PowerEdge P2300 is definately my choice - for all the same reasons as
Bob has said.  In relation to the SCSI drivers problem this is a quick
instruction sheet I put together having trawled MS knowledge base and
spending a few hours with a Dell Tech Support a few months ago (I actually
think it was the same person you spoke to Bob - we spent a few hours
working on this solution below which worked)

If you have controllers for your server that are not on the SBS CD's and
you are installing V4.0 then SBS doesn't let you add your own controllers
and so you get the BSOD with inaccessible boot drive listed.  To rectify:

1.      From fresh install, starting with original SBS diskettes, when you see
"checking system hardware configuration" on screen hit <F6>.  Some time
later during install with diskette 2 you will be offered the opportunity to
add your own controllers.  Add all of them from your diskette you made
using Dell Assistant CD.
2.      When 3 diskettes and CD has been run the system re-boots.  You may get
the opportunity to re-load the drivers again but most probably you will get
the BSOD.
3.      Insert an MS-DOS diskette and re-boot server to DOS
4.      Chances are you'l then get an MS-DOS screen saying can't install as
there is no space.  Whatever once you have started with the MS-DOS boot
press <Cntrl> <Break> to get to the A: prompt.
5.      Insert you diskette with the controllers you want and copy the .sys
files to the C:\winnt.sbs\system32\drivers directory (don't worry about the
oemsetup.inf files)
6.      Re-boot and off you go.

This works because I spent about five hours trying to solve this very
problem with my own Dell PowerEdge 2300 that had SCSI hard disk.  The
reason you have to install the drivers twice is because the first time they
are loaded into memory only to use immediately to access the hard drive.
Once the preliminary install is done and the system re-boots the drivers
you installed are lost from memory.  At this point the hard drive is meant
to be converted to NTFS but cannot access the drive (no drivers) hence the
BSOD.  After following the procedure above the system can find them.

Note.  This process leaves your hard drives as FAT partitions is you did
not previously partition to NTFS before starting the SBS install.  If you
have FAT partitions at this point you can use an NT command called CONVERT
from the Dos Command.  This will convert FAT to NTFS of all your extended
drives (D, E etc,) and will set up the convert process for the C: drive for
the next time you re-boot.

Once you have done this I ernestly recommend you use diskkeeper lite (free
download) to defrag your drives as by now they will be in a right state.

Hope this helps



Which Dell Poweredge?

Post by Bob Breh » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have a poweredge with three 9 gig, 10,000 rpm and 2-350 mhz pentium
chips - a real screamer.  BSB went up out of the box fine.  Been fine tuning
and that is all.  Very reliable (and good looking ) machine.  I also got the
rack mounts as I am going to add another.
Bob Brehm

>Have installed a P2200 with no real problems and high uptime.  Next site
>needs a box.

>Ignoring the cost differential, are there any problems with Dell P-2300
>machine?  Does it install SBS without jerking it?


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