FAX: Clients 'Network access is denied' to the 'Fax on SERVER' queue

FAX: Clients 'Network access is denied' to the 'Fax on SERVER' queue

Post by abc » Sat, 25 Nov 2000 09:35:04

Amazingly enough, even when they have full rights to the printer, there
appears to be some other place where the fax message is being stopped from
accessing the printer.

Using the Administrator log-in on the server, and testing the faxing from
WrdPad, all works fine. However, as soon as a client PC tries they get a an
error, and the printer queue goes Offline.

If I login to a client PC as Administrator, the 'Network access is denied'
message goes away, but the result is the same, no fax pops into the queue on
the server, and the queue on the PC is put Offline with the job pending.

I reinstalled the fax server software, with the faxstore directory on the
d:\ partition rather than the c:\, apart from that all the names are

The only wierd thing is that we used to have an old win95 PC that worked as
a fax server (until Winfax was upgraded), and that PC was called FAX. I
deleted the user though, and also the shares for FAX

Maybe there is some strange legacy stuff* around there that it has
not got rid of?

Any ideas anyone?


please remove appropriate Caps from email address when replying, thanks


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