Reinstall SBS component requires Product key

Reinstall SBS component requires Product key

Post by Stefano Rivol » Wed, 06 Mar 2002 16:19:48

I had to remove the SBS component (Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add/Remove
Programs, choose MS SBS 2000 and click on Change/Remove). Then I had to
reinstall the SBS component (running setup from CD #1).
First: One of the first things setup does is to check 'Suite Requirements'.
I get a warning message 'SBS is already present in the domain'. Sure I say,
it's the server itself. So I go further.
Second: When setup gets to the 'Product Identification' phase the text boxes
of SBS Product key are enabled and empty. They should be greyed and already
completed with my SBS Product key.
So I decided to stop the SBS component reinstall (I need it cause we use
POP3 connector) because I thought that if I go further the setup process
could also erase mu previously 45 loaded CALS.

Why does the setup process detect a SBS server already present in the domain
(there's only one - the server I'm working on)?
If I decide to go further with the setup process will my 45 CALS still be
valid (now server is in production and works fine)?


1. Cannot Validate Product Key when installing SQL Server 2000 component on SBS 2003 Premium

I run into a problem installing SQL Server 2000 as part of installing
SBS 2003 Premium.

It coming up with a message that it cannot "validate product key". I'm
using the product key on the back of case two that I received with SBS
2003 Premium. I've double and triple checked the ID so I am certain it
is not a matter of mistyping it.

I've found little on Google about this problem, other than a couple of
references to changing a setting is the registry which I am not
inclined to do without more verification.

I'm installing the software on VMware 4.2 and had no problems
installing the SBS standard componets of the software.

I had previously installed the SBS 2003 successfully on a separate box
but wanted to move it onto my laptop for testing purposes. Was able to
activate new install of software when I thought that might have been an
issue when troubleshooting.

Could it be an issue with VMware? It my first use of the product but I
have seem many posts that indicate this is a good method of testing and
demoing SBS 2003.


Keith Mattox

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