Fax service, RAS and Modem sharing service?

Fax service, RAS and Modem sharing service?

Post by Boris Vikhansk » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


RAS clients can't connect to RAS server after Fax server had send fax.

I have SBS, Option Pack; Fax-modem (USR Sportser Message Plus) for Faxing
out and dial in to RAS (to IIS 4.0). Running services are: Microsoft Fax
service, Modem Sharing service, RAS Connection service, RAS service, ...
After Fax server sent fax, there is only one way for external users to
connect to RAS (IIS 4.0) server - restart RAS service, RAS Connection and
modem sharing. I think that Fax service cant let using a modem (for RAS)
after it's work.

Are there any service pack for SBS?

Tanks a lot for your answer!


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Greetings!  Need some setup help.  First time trying to
set up the fax service.  Have a server with three internal
modems that are going to be used strictly for large volume
faxing.  Going to set up the Shared Fax Service.  Do I
also have to install/set up the Shared Modem Service?  I
do not think that I do but just want to check as I haven't
found any documentation one way or the other.  Thanks.


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