Satelite internet access from ISP (MESS!)

Satelite internet access from ISP (MESS!)

Post by Racing81 » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have a client that was working very well with everything including sending
and receiving email.  Their ISP convinced them to install a satelite connection
and the ISP installed it on their server.   Now many many problems and the ISP
walked away.  

When the server is booted it logs errors with http (I think) web publishing and
other services.   We had to change the workstations to use preset IP addresses
or  they could not access the server.  The ISP does not remember all they did
to the server but I notice RAS is no longer there.  I think it is replaced with
something like routing and RAS server.  They changed to a different proxy
server because they said the original 1.0 would not work with the router.  I
think the new proxy server is CSM or CMS.  Internet mail service is not working
and Pop to Exchange is not working because RAS is not there.

On my 2 hour drive back from the client this afternoon it occured to me they
might need a second modem, the first is now dedicated to the router.  Does
anyone think installing a second modem and trying to make it work with the RAS
would correct these problems.  You cannot even get into the manage server
wizards now it says the localhost address is not found.

news service at the office but I do receive email.  THANKS


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