IMS/Fax server/DUN startup anomaly

IMS/Fax server/DUN startup anomaly

Post by Stuart LeBlan » Wed, 15 Apr 1998 04:00:00

When booting SBS, the following events regarding IMS occur:

Application Log  1:37:45  Event 1004
The Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Service, version 5.0.1459.44, is

System Log  1:44:05  Event 7022
The Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Service service hung on starting.

Application Log 1:44:24  Event 1000
The Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Service, version 5.0.1459.44, started

After this, the use of the fax server will disable dialup networking, and
use of dialup networking through proxy will disable the fax server.

However, if IMS is set to start manually, everything works.

BTW these two services are running over an ISDN adapter


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It takes forever (5-6 minutes) before it comes back saying that one
ore more services encountered a problem and evenlog shows that IMC was
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If I manually stop and restart the service, everything comes up fine
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