sbs2000 + win2k server licensing???

sbs2000 + win2k server licensing???

Post by Brian Buc » Sat, 15 Jun 2002 12:50:00

I know this may sound like a silly question but...
I am working on putting together a package for a client but am not sure what
licenses I need.  This is the configuration I have planned:
-1 SBS2000 server 30 users to serve email, internet, light VPN access,
client computers will authenticate here
-1 Windows 2000 Server to serve as data storage and accounting software

My question- Do I need to purchase the same number of client licenses for
the Windows 2000 server (30)?  How does that work with shares and Active
Directory users?  Is the licensing through the SBS 2k server or the Win 2k


1. Member server or DC - how to add a win2k server to an sbs2000 domain?

I have an SBS2000 box running Exchange, SQL, ISA, etc., and want to add a
win2k server to do Terminal Services in application mode.

Users will log on, then connect to the TS box; the various sessions on the
TS box will use various services and shares off of the SBS box.  So I need
two sets of accounts (and licenses), right?  Also, if I want to administer
accounts (create, delete, password changes, etc.) on the SBS box, would I
have to set up the w2k server as a DC so that account information can be
replicated to it?

Is there instructions posted somewhere explaining how to add a w2k server to
an sbs domain as a DB or just a member server?

Thanks for your help,



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