problems with internet dialout and file download

problems with internet dialout and file download

Post by Gareth Thoma » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am running SBS4.0a on a Dell Server. I am experiencing two problems:

1. Occassionaly the Internet dialout does not work. It will work fine
for a couple of days and then nothing. There is no error in the event
viewer and a reboot fixes the problem.

2. I cannot download files from the Net. Browsing works fine, but if I
try to download it initially starts to work i.e brings up a dialog box
to name the download destination - and then it fails.

Thanks in advance for help with these issues.


1. Dialout to Internet doesn't always work.


We've a strange problem. Normally the users dialout connection to Internet
works fine and connects immediately but sometimes you've to try 2 or 3 times
to connect (we always get a connection). the error in event log is 142
WebProxyServer 'A dialout to the Internet failed'.
It could happen several times during the day, our ISP says that there is no
problem with the line.
Our configuration is SBS 4.5 with all the latest patches applied. The ISDN
card is Diva Server BRI.

Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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