BroadBand - a couple of questions

BroadBand - a couple of questions

Post by Miles Gayno » Fri, 18 Oct 2002 21:07:55

I am joining the broadband club shortly! I have been thrashing the
Google search function, but there are still a couple of questions I hope
you could answer. Firstly, let me say what I am hoping to achieve.

SBS4.5 connected to a Satellite broadband system for email, web and
anything else that MSProxy can..err proxy with excellent security. VPN
for up to 5 remote clients (VPN client software purchased with the
To do this I am getting another NIC to connect to a Watchguard 700
firewall which will in turn connect to the satellite router (skystar
advantage 180). Does anyone see any problems with that goal? It should
look a little like this:

| <-- NIC 0,1 (team)
| <-- NIC 2 IP? (Firewall trusted interface)
Firewall (NAT capable)
| (Firewall external interface)
Satellite Router IP (fixed by ISP)

Now the tricky bits.
1. The satellite is provided by a different ISP to the ISDN service we
use at the moment. We have our own domain which is currently used for
email, to I was hoping that an MX divert will send all our mail to the
new connection. Currently Exchange is using the POP3 connector to
collect our email from the ISPs server. The new ISP will not provide an
email server so what do I have to do to make our Exchange take over?
2. The firewall can provide a DMZ for email/web servers and the like. I
assume that with SBS 4.5 this is a redundant feature and I will just use
the "trusted" connection for the sbs server. Am I right?
3. Does anyone know of any tweaks/problems associated with using 3rd
party VPN software with SBS4.5? These clients may well wish to reach
other servers on the network and I am wondering whether Proxy2 would get
in the way of this...
I guess I might have to connect the Firewall direct to the main switch,
but I would like to avoid that if possible so I can continue to use the
logging that Proxy2 offers.

Thanks for any answers


1. A couple of questions I sure could use some help on...

I just examined my system and found a few things that brought up some
questions. Could someone please help me with these?

Why would IP forwarding be enabled when there is only one network
card. What happens if it is enabled and there is only one?

What is a Remote Access Wrapper?

If Windows NT doesnt support Plug and Play, why is there a plug and
play service in the services?

WHat is the TCP/IP Netbios helper? Is that in any relation to WINS?

How can I interpret a DrWatson logfile? Or a memory dump?

I hope someone can please help me with these. I would really
appreciate it.


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