Real hardware for SBS4.5 and SBS2000

Real hardware for SBS4.5 and SBS2000

Post by zipzi » Fri, 28 Jun 2002 09:25:06

What is the real hardware to run SBS4.5 ?
And SBS2000 ?
Thank You

Real hardware for SBS4.5 and SBS2000

Post by SuperGumb » Fri, 28 Jun 2002 11:56:11

more realistic stuff after the funnies.

Quote:> Please,
> What is the real hardware to run SBS4.5 ?

I have a production SBS4.5 running 25 users on a PII/~300 with 300MB RAM on
a set of software mirrored SCSI's, been running flawlessly for ages.

Quote:> And SBS2000 ?

my Lounge Area Network runs SBS2K on a PIII/500 with 512MB on a pair of
software mirrored 10GB IDE's.

Quote:> Thank You
> Rene

Any current box will run SBS4.5 and just about any current box will run

The major considerations (IMHO) are:
Drive IO and redundancy. You want good IO rates and I'm not supporting your
server if you won't at least get a pair of drives and mirror it.
Sufficient memory. Depends what you want to do and how many users. 512
minimum, 768 medium, 1GB should handle any standard SBS scenario.
SBS+ThirdPartyApp, the sky's the limit.
Processor (yes, less important) anything current, and some old. If you plan
on upgrading the box in a couple of years (as opposed to getting a new box)
get a dual capable motherboard, in which case you should get the matching
CPU now and it will sit there with both CPU's pushing a few percent usage.


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