Phonebook Settings disappear and I have to reinstall INS file

Phonebook Settings disappear and I have to reinstall INS file

Post by bwild » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

HELP! - I am having problems with SBS 4.0 and my phone book disappearing, in
affect disableing my exchange server - also how does one find out about
service packs for SBS - We are using a Dell Server with SBS preinstalled



1. Having trouble setting permissions for samba shared file system


        I have tried changing the "create mode" value in the
        smb.conf file and have had some very strange results.

        Samba is running on a Solaris 2.5 (SPARC 20) and I am
        mounting the shared file system called "frank" on a
        Windows95 client.  

        I want all file created in "frank" to have the following


        I have tried every permutation and conbination of numbers
        I could think of, with no luck.  

        Is the "create mode" value being logically ored with something

        Is the "create mode" value a mask or something?

        This is my entry in the smb.conf for "frank":

                path = /m/a/projects/share/frank
                public = no
                writable = yes
                printable = no
                create mode = 0770

        Thanks for you help in advance.

                                        Frank Reeves

                                        (301) 854-5386

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