Problem setting up 9x clients to print to SBS2000 shared fax

Problem setting up 9x clients to print to SBS2000 shared fax

Post by Kelvi » Mon, 03 Dec 2001 09:54:48

When using the Client program on CD 2 of Windows 2000 SBS
<cdrom>\FAX\CLIENT\SETUP.EXE, I can get it to setup and connect to the
SharedFax share on the server but I do not know what printer to set it up

I have tried setting the server up to have 95/98 clients in the printer so
they install automatically but the clients are not on CD1 in the
PRINTERS\WIN9X directory...

Where do I get the drivers for the fax printer client for 9x?

I cannot find any information about this anywhere, help would be greatly


1. Shared fax client problems on 9x machines

I am having trouble configuring SBS2k's shared fax feature.

I do believe I've configured the server correctly, setup a fax modem, added
a fax printer (SharedFax), I can fax from the server but the problem lies
with the client on the 9x workstations.

The workstations all connect to the network, I can access the SharedFax
share by start>run and typing the UNC, but when I install the client from
SBS2k CD 2 it wont recognise the share and will not proceed past that point.

Any help/suggestions as to what I could be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

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