upgrading sbs4.5 to sbs2000

upgrading sbs4.5 to sbs2000

Post by Sukru Tutuc » Thu, 30 Aug 2001 19:50:49

Hi all,

When i try to upgrade from sbs4,5 to sbs2000 the wizard stops with the
following error message;

U must logged on with the default administrators account as "Administrator"
Read the updated remarks of this release on the web to change the username
and the connected services
to "Administrator".

The are no links to the web to find a solutions. We have a Dutch version of
SBS and the Administrator is called
"beheerder" in Dutch so i think this causes the problem.

Anyone have an idea.

Thank you in advance.


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HI I am trying to upgrade our sbs4.5 machine to sbs 2000
and i keeep getting the message that you can upgrade this
version of windows with small business server. I have
searched all over looking for and answer as to why but
cannot find one.

I have a test enviroment setup where i installed a clean
windows sbs4.5 server and now i want to upgrade it to
sbs2000. I was getting as far as the error message that
would say you cannot upgrade this version of windows with
windows 2000sbs. From there i installed and upgraded my
sbs4.5 server with windows2000 from the i386 directory on
my sbs2000 cdroms. That went just fine. I tried once again
to load sbs2000 again so that i could get all the
subcomponents loaded (ex.2k, etc) but i got the same error
at the begining of installation.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to upgrade sbs4.5 to
sbs2000 and do it successfully because i cannot find
anything out there.

thanks in advance.


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