Upgrade fom SBS4.5 to SBS2000

Upgrade fom SBS4.5 to SBS2000

Post by Marek Staniewsk » Thu, 17 May 2001 00:57:38

Where I can purchase upgrade form SBS4.5 to SBS2000.
Are there some dealers which offer an attractive prices for it?

Marek Staniewski


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Hi all,

When i try to upgrade from sbs4,5 to sbs2000 the wizard stops with the
following error message;

U must logged on with the default administrators account as "Administrator"
Read the updated remarks of this release on the web to change the username
and the connected services
to "Administrator".

The are no links to the web to find a solutions. We have a Dutch version of
SBS and the Administrator is called
"beheerder" in Dutch so i think this causes the problem.

Anyone have an idea.

Thank you in advance.

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