Alter login timeout?

Alter login timeout?

Post by Dav » Sat, 15 Sep 2001 18:47:59

Hi there,
We are running SBS4.5 and have 2 offices connected to our main office
using a VPN which is run between the 3 firewalls.

In one of the offices, every time a user logs in it comes up with the
message 'cannot find domain server' but then lets the user log in
anyway. Outlook etc still works fine, but network drive connections
don't. The server can be pinged also.

The only reason I can think that the domain server isn't found is
simply a timeout when the user is logging in. Is there any way to
change the login timeout on SBS?

IS there anything else which might be causing this problem instead?

Users in our other office can log in fine and connect to network
drives without problems.

Thanks for any help,


1. Clients timeout during login

Have SBS 2K 2K Server SP3 98 clients

In preparing for mirroring, I made the first disk a
Dynamic Disk, this caused me to restart.  Everything
appeared to work fine, except the 98 clients had trouble
communicating with the server.  When restarting the
clients and loggin in, it would time out and eventually
give the msg about the domain controller not contacted, or
the password is incorrect, or not allowed to logon.  The
only way I could resolve this was to power down, log in as
administrator.  Then log out and login as the user, then
restart the machine and login as the user again.  This
seemed to help with most of the clients, but a couple of
them the next day had the same issues.  When they logged
in, it timed out and gave the server cannot be contacted
response. One thing I didn't think to do was to
renew/release the IP adresses, which may help.  But does
anyone else know what could be causing the issue?


rstevens AT rmasecurity DOT com

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