2 network cards

2 network cards

Post by colin Hobb » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

        WE just got DSL installed and i need ta second network card
installed in my  SBS server.

    I installed it and the card took but i will not let me use dhcp (my
isp requires it) for the second network card.  It wants me to assign a
perm ip for the second card as well.  here is the config i need.

                        1st network card  Static ip  (this works fine)

                        2nd network card  Dynamic IP.  This card will be
plugged into a DSL modem.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



1. Removing One Network Card from a Two Network Card Setup

We have an SBS 4.5 server that has two nic cards, one internal, and
one external.  The server is connected to the internet and acts as our
mail server.  We are thinking about removing one of the network cards
and just have one internal IP address.  We will redirect our router so
that all mail traffic is sent to the server.

Our reason for doing this is to try to make the internet configuration
a bit easier to configure and change.  Our users will go directly out
to the internet via the router instead of going through the server and

Can you please give me your opinion on this change, and even if it can
be accomplished without major change to the server?

Thank you Steve

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