Shared Modem - modem not functional on client pc

Shared Modem - modem not functional on client pc

Post by Nits » Tue, 24 Jun 2003 09:18:03

When I setup Shared modem client on my pc it instas fine.
And then I go threw the steps to map the port to the modem
pool and then install the modem. That all works fine...but
after the reboot when I check the modem properties it says
that it is Not Functional.

Help please!!!!!!!!!!


1. Modem Sharing: Modem pools not visible on client ports

When I add a port to a client machine, it does not offer the option of a
local or remote port, even though modem sharing is enabled. The port seems
to dial out ok even though nothing is shown in the port window. All clients
at NT4, SP5. The SBS server is 4.5, SP4

I've had this before a long time ago. I remembered something about the
Service Pack overwrites a key SBS file that shows this.

Can anyone help?



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