Is my hidden surface algorithm novel?

Is my hidden surface algorithm novel?

Post by Reto Korad » Fri, 08 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Because none of the text book (Foley et al., Newman, etc.) algorithms
that I found satisfied my requirements, I "invented" my own. It's quite
different from the ones I saw so far.

Now my problem is that I'd like to know whether I really found out
something new. I doubt it, somebody must have done something similar.
My primary research field is not graphics algorithms, I'm more a
"user" of algorithms. Therefore I'm not really up to date with the
literature. If somebody with a better overview in that field would
be ready to give me advice, please contact me by e-mail. You can use

Sorry for not describing the algorithm here in public, but you
might understand that I want to publish it myself in case it's
new and interesting.
Reto Koradi


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