DXF to wire-model OR wire-model editor

DXF to wire-model OR wire-model editor

Post by Doug Haanp » Fri, 16 Dec 1994 03:39:57

Hello all!  I'm looking for software that'll input an DXF (or
similarly popular cad file format - IGES?) file
and output a tesselated version of the object.  (i.e. outputs
a file with a bunch of lines/edges in 3-space)  Anyone know of
any such software?  


(and I think this would actually be better yet) I am also looking
for some type of wire-model editor.  Sort of a cheezy CAD program
that I can use to generate simple wire models.  Circles and Arcs
would reduce to a bunch of lines (or I could code THAT up myself)
Somebody PLEASE tell me that there's some shareware out there that'll
do something like this!!

I'd appreciate any info about either of these items!  Thanks in
advance for any help!  

Douglas Haanpaa