video capture analysis

video capture analysis

Post by Zam » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 05:11:46

I want to make a program that captures video form a generic capture
I have to analyze in real time the frames for tasks like determining
movement in the image.
My question is what are the possible frameworks for capturing video,
regardless of the programming language. The only candidate I know is
JMF, but I cannot find a sample that lets me analyze specific frames,
so I am not sure it is possible.

Thank you very much


1. HELP please ... video capture + analysis

I need to capture video frames via IndyCam & eventually via S-Video.

Where can I find the programming information for the video devices?

Better still, some good examples ... e.g.

        Capture frame to MEMORY
        Analysis of this frame ... therefore need to know data structure.

Please reply ASAP ... application waiting ...



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