Graphics Library

Graphics Library

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Hi Everybody...

I had once used a nice graphics program named PowrGoo.I coud open a human
face,make some changes ,like ,narrow it ,enlarge the ears, and many other
kind of corruptions.Now I have to imlement such features in my own
aplication(win 95/98,win NT Visual c++ V.6).
I have few questions:
1. What is the  common name of the this kind of graphics?
2. Do you know any library on the market for doing that?
3. Other references to the subject, like web sites and books.

Thanks in advance

I. Lesher


1. Graphic Library - Video Library

Hi, I'm from France. Excuse me for my english.

I'd like to know where I can find or buy a graphic library. I want te generate AVI or MPEG Files.
Could you tell me where I can find one.  This library must be compatible with C++ Builder if possible



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