.3DS Keyframer data

.3DS Keyframer data

Post by sumat.. » Wed, 01 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I found a thread about reading and interpreting the .3DS
keyframer data on 'dejanews', but it seemed unconclusive.

1) Does someone have a clear explaination of how it works?

I'm especially in trouble because the 3DS4 keyframer animations
that I have used 'dummy nodes'.  When I export it to other
formats I can parse (like .X files), these are lost.. 8-(

Please note that I'm not considering writting a 3DS plug-in at
this time.  I'm hoping to resolve this with publicly available
information, and also reading the .3DS files directly at this
early stage.

2) Would I be better off reading the .VUE, instead?  (I will want
to stretch and modify the animation at play-back time.)

I'm also considering using the VRBL exporter that kinetix has
made.  This dead proposed VRML+animation format can be exported
from 3DS4 or Max and seems to contain all the keyframer data, but
I haven't parsed the animation yet.  Since I have problems with
the 'dummy nodes' with other formats, I'm affraid to get the same
problems with VRBL or VRML 2.0 exporter.  As for VRML 2.0, seems
inapropriate (i.e. overkill) for the simple keyframe data I need.

3) Finaly, What's the best way to manage/tracking/storing
multiple keyframe data on a single mesh (with regards to artists
and the dev. cycle), by experience?

Thank you for any comment..


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Lots of people have written converters for the *.3DS format that handle the
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keyframer data in the files?
  I'm interested in such a converter or information about how the 3DS
format is storing the paths in the keyframer. I'm already familiar with the
normal object data, as I've made a converter that handles vertices,
connections and even the entire hierarchy for objects since my engine is
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