Game Development Goodness :) -

Game Development Goodness :) -

Post by Kurt Mille » Tue, 11 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Just a few more highlights from flipCode, your daily feature-packed game
development news and resource site ( January Coding Contest Now Online!
Interested in showing people what you can do and possibly win a prize while
you're at it?   Check out the flipCode coding contest.   The new topic is
online along with all of the rules and details.   You goal is to code a
graphical effect given a certain topic, but the deadline is February 15th.
So get cracking! - The message center on flipCode is still
going strong and has some great game development threads.  Stop by sometime
and see what's up.    On a directly related note, the official development
forums for Team Sigma's game project, Epilogue, can now be found there as
well.   Stop by and interact with the developers directly! - The lame game challenge is still
running, a funny little contest where the goal is actually to code a lame
game!   There are over 30 entries online already. - A new tech file by Sagacity is now online.
Tech files are mini-tech journals where developers can post information
about what they're working on or experimenting with.   This is an excellent
place to find raw information from developers, some of who are working with
bleeding edge technology or techniques.

In addition to these highlights, flipCode is updated daily with game
development / technology news, tutorials, weekly columns, message boards, a
question and answer column with professional developers, and tons more.
Please stop by sometime, and tell your friends!

Thanks for your time,

Kurt Miller


1. ANN: 3D/Game Development Goodies -

Just a few quick notes from, your daily feature-packed game
development news and resource site.

A few recent highlights from
November Programming Contest - we provide the topic, you write a demo/effect
and possibly win a prize/fame/etc :)
Technology View: CDX Library (Interview with Bil Simser)
Exaflop's Rebirth: An Interview with James Sharman
The Art of Demomaking - Still going strong.   An excellent weekly graphics
programming tutorial!
3D Theory & Practice message board as well as a general forum.

In addition to these highlights, flipCode features daily news, columns,
tutorials, links, a question and answer column with professional game
developers, and so much more... all about game development!   Check it out

Thanks for you time,

Kurt Miller

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